Module: Auth

AeroGear. Auth

new Auth(config) → {Object}

Status: Stable
The AeroGear.Auth namespace provides an authentication and enrollment API. Through the use of adapters, this library provides common methods like enroll, login and logout that will just work.
Name Type Argument Description
config String | Array | Object <optional>
A configuration for the modules(s) being created along with the authenticator. If an object or array containing objects is used, the objects can have the following properties:
Name Type Argument Default Description
name String the name that the module will later be referenced by
type String <optional>
"rest" the type of module as determined by the adapter used
settings Object <optional>
{} the settings to be passed to the adapter. For specific settings, see the documentation for the adapter you are using.
The created authenticator containing any auth modules that may have been created
// Create an empty authenticator
var auth = AeroGear.Auth();

// Create a single module using the default adapter
var auth2 = AeroGear.Auth( "myAuth" );

// Create multiple modules using the default adapter
var auth3 = AeroGear.Auth( [ "someAuth", "anotherAuth" ] );

// Create a single module by passing an object using the default adapter
var auth4 = AeroGear.Auth(
        name: "objectAuth"

// Create multiple modules by passing an array of objects using the default adapter
var auth5 = AeroGear.Auth([
        name: "objectAuth"
        name: "objectAuth2",
        settings: { ... }


<static> adapters

The adapters object is provided so that adapters can be added to the AeroGear.Auth namespace dynamically and still be accessible to the add method

<static> this.collectionName :Object

The name used to reference the collection of authentication module instances created from the adapters
  • Object
Default Value:
  • modules