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AeroGear Community

AeroGear is an open-source project and the AeroGear community has many entry points. Please feel free to participate in any way that matches your level of interest!

Read this page to learn about our community resources. Keep in mind that contributing code is not the only way to get involved. You can provide feedback on documentation and tutorials, test the releases, share your visions, or just participate in the IRC or mailing list discussions. The various entry points are summarized below. See you there!

AeroGear Team

A full list of contributors that help develop and maintain the AeroGear project is available on our GitHub organisation page.

AeroGear contributors

Community Meeting

The AeroGear community meeting is a public and recorded event which occurs every Monday at 3pm Irish Standard Time (IST).

The meetings can be found on the AeroGear calendar. All community meeting announcements or updates will be communicated through this calendar and the AeroGear mailing list.

Recordings of previous AeroGear community meetings are archived on the AeroGear Youtube channel.

Where to find us

Chat (IRC)

Daily communication around AeroGear and other Mobile related topics happens on the #aerogear channel on IRC.

This channel is logged to

If you don’t have an IRC client installed or available, you can use the web-based client on this site to join the #aerogear channel.

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Mailing lists

If you’ve got ideas for the AeroGear project or want to share what you're working on or struggling with, the AeroGear Google Group is a good place to start. The Mailing List is used for both team-wide and community communication.

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Source Repository

All the AeroGear source code is managed using git and hosted on the aerogear and aerogearcatalog organizations on GitHub.

Both Git and GitHub are awesome for collaboration! To make improvements or bug fixes to the AeroGear project, simply fork one of the project’s repositories, commit your changes and send a pull request.

For more information on our GitHub workflow, please visit this page that describes the steps in-detail.

Aerogear Aerogearcatalog

Code Owner

AeroGear repositories have code owners who are responsible for managing and controlling repositories, and their responsibilities are actions such as; ensure that all requests and issues are properly addressed, that repositories have issue and pull request templates, and contribution guides, and codes of conduct, as well as any other standard or guidelines that may exist.

However, the code owners are not gatekeepers of the code and all this responsibilities and actions can also be performed by its contributors. It is important to highlight that when a pull request gets enough approvals then it can be merged by any authorized maintainer and has no need to wait for the code owners approvals.


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