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Real-time, client-server data synchronization with ease and efficiency. In Development

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Full real-time data sync where updates are initiated from both the client and server over a bi-directional channel. This feature provides both, a specific server side sync engine, as well as a client side sync engines for Android, iOS and JavaScript. The implementation is based on Google’s Differential Synchonrization by Neil Fraser.

See it in Action

To see it in action, watch the screencast below:


The AeroGear Data-Sync effort started out of a POC and we are now moving towards a first alpha release.

List of sync-1.0.0.alpha.1 JIRA tickets


The specification for AeroGear Data-Sync including client/server API, message format and more can be found here:
Data-Sync Specification


Below are the various GitHub repositories that are part of the Data-Sync feature in AeroGear.

Data-Sync Server

Our Netty-based Java Server exposes WebSocket and XMPP/GCM endpoint for our different clients.


An XMPP-client library to receive sync updates over GCM.


For iOS we have two different libraries that are developed:

The initial releases of the libraries are available on CocoaPods as well.

Besides the libraries we do already have a little demo application on our Cookbook example repository, which can be used against the above Java server.


The JavaScript client comes with a WebSocket-based library.

Our JS library is located here. A demo, which can be used against the above Java server, is located here.

Get Involved

If you are interested, feel free to fork the repositories and get your hands dirty. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!