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Send push notifications to any device, regardless of platform or network.

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Supported Technologies

AeroGear has support for different push notification technologies:

UnifiedPush Server

The AeroGear UnifiedPush Server sends native push messages to different mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows or Firefox OS/SimplePush.

Get started with UnifiedPush Server Guide API Documentation GitHub Repo

See it in Action

To see it in action, watch the screencast below:

Getting started

To get started with the UnifiedPush Server check out one of our Releases.

For more information check out our detailed Guides and Documentation.

Feel free to browse the source or fork the GitHub Repo.

SimplePush Server

Our SimplePush Server represents an implementation of Mozilla's SimplePush, which is based on top of WebSocket. It was created for Push Notifications delivery on FirefoxOS, but can also be used for different use cases, like the Internet-of-Things.

Get started with SimplePush Server Quickstart GitHub Repo

See it in Action

The best way to see our SimplePush Server in action is using our Quickstart example.

Get Started

To get started with the SimplePush Server check out the last release.

WebPush Server Experimental

The WebPush Specification is based on HTTP2 and is currently in an early state. The AeroGear team sees it as the successor of SimplePush.

GitHub Repo

Getting started

To get started with the WebPush Server and Console check out the last release.


Upcoming releases of these three push servers are tracked in our project RoadMap

Get Involved

If you are interested, feel free to fork the Repositories and get your hands dirty. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any Questions