Get the Gear to Go Mobile!

Below you will find links to all of the libraries and other resources created by the AeroGear team. You can also view the source and contribute to any of these items by checking out our repos on GitHub.


Current version - 2.1.0 zip / tar.gz
Create a custom build

AeroGear iOS   

aerogear-ios-http v0.2 zip / cocoapods
aerogear-ios-oauth2 v0.2 zip / cocoapods
aerogear-ios-push v.1.0 zip / cocoapods
aerogear-ios-httpstub v.0.2 zip / cocoapods
aerogear-ios-jsonsz v.0.1 zip / cocoapods

(looking for old AeroGear 1.x series? click here )

AeroGear Android

aerogear-android-core v2.0.0 zip
aerogear-android-security v2.0.0 zip
aerogear-android-store v2.0.0 zip
aerogear-android-pipe v2.0.0 zip
aerogear-android-auth v2.0.0 zip
aerogear-android-authz v2.0.0 zip
aerogear-android-push v2.0.0 zip

(looking for old AeroGear 1.x series? click here)

AeroGear Push

AeroGear UnifiedPush Server - 1.1.0-alpha.1 (development) release bundle
AeroGear UnifiedPush Server - 1.0.2 (stable) release bundle
AeroGear SimplePush Server - 0.12.1 zip
AeroGear UnifiedPush Java Client
Grab it from Maven Central
AeroGear UnifiedPush Node.js Client
Grab it from NPM
$ npm install unifiedpush-node-sender
AeroGear SimplePush Java Client
Grab it from Maven Central

AeroGear Security