Inherits from AGSQLiteStorage : NSObject
Declared in AGEncryptedSQLiteStorage.h


An AGStore implementation that uses a SQLite for storage and encryption. This storage is a variant of AGSQLiteStorage with encryption. You can use your encrypted store transparently, the same way you work with AGSQLiteStorage.

NOTE: You must adhere to the rules governing the serialization of data types for each respective field type.

IMPORTANT: Users are not required to instantiate this class directly, instead an instance of this class is returned automatically when an DataStore with the type config option is set to “ENCRYPTED_SQLITE”. See AGDataManager and AGStore class documentation for more information.

Create a DataManager with an encrypted SQLite store backend

Below is a small example on how to use EncryptedSQLite:

// randomly generate salt
NSData *salt = [AGRandomGenerator randomBytes];  // [1]

// set up crypto params configuration object
AGPassphraseCryptoConfig *config = [[AGPassphraseCryptoConfig alloc] init];  // [2]
[config setSalt:salt];  // 3
[config setPassphrase:self.password.text];   // 4

// initialize the encryption service passing the config
id<AGEncryptionService> encService = [[AGKeyManager manager] keyService:config];  // [5]

// access Store
AGDataManager* manager = [AGDataManager manager];
id<AGStore> store = [manager store:^(id<AGStoreConfig> config) {
  [config setName:@"secrets"]; // will be used as the filename for the sqlite database.
  [config setType:@"ENCRYPTED_SQLITE"];  // specify you want to use Encrypted SQLite store.
  [config setEncryptionService:encService]; // specify the encryption service

The read, reset or remove methods found in AGStore behave the same, as on the default (“in memory”) store.