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This document covers the requirements and planned API’s for the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server. For older releases please consult archived releases list.

External References

1.0.3 (mid January 2015)

  • Invalid iOS token blocks sending messages

  • Category model overhaul

  • Admin UI tweaks and improvments

Details: JIRA: Push 1.0.3

NOTE: This is the last release of the 1.0.x series

1.1.x Release(s)

In 2015 the focus will be on the 1.1.0 release of the Unified Push Server, containing new features, such as:

  • More analytics

  • More mobile network (like Kindle)

  • Java 8 support

  • JavaEE7 updates (focus on WildFly9, ConcurrencyUtils, etc)

  • Evaluation of alternative Datastores (like Mongo)

Details: JIRA: Push 1.1.x