Aerogear Platforms Cross-platform development made easy.

Requirements and Recommendations

AeroGear 2.x supports Android 4.1 and higher. If you need support for Android 2.3, please use AeroGear Android 1.4. We recommend Android Studio for application development.

Android SDK

Android library is broken up into modules and available from Maven Central and GitHub

Core Module

aerogear-android-core contains some common packages and utilities shared across all our libraries.

Download Android Core v3.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Security Module

aerogear-android-security provides some basic encryption and key management utilities.

Download Android Security v3.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Store Module

aerogear-android-store is a simple data storage API. This API is useful for caching responses, sharing data among different systems, or providing some form of limited offline support.

Download Android Store v3.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Pipe Module

aerogear-android-pipe is used to interact with RESTful services.

Download Android Pipe v3.2.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Auth Module

aerogear-android-auth provides Pipe modules for HTTP Basic and HTTP Digest authentication.

Download Android Auth v3.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Authz Module

aerogear-android-authz provides Pipe modules for connecting to OAuth 2 secured services as well as basic token management.

Download Android Authz v3.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Push Module

aerogear-android-push connects to the Unified Push Server and Google Cloud Messaging to enable push notification in AeroGear applications.

Download Android Push v4.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source

Sync Module

aerogear-android-sync connects to the AeroGear Sync Server and provides Android Service bindings for use by Activities.

Download Android Sync v2.1.0 Maven Gradle View the Source


Keep an eye on our JIRA page for upcoming releases as well as what we are currently working on.

More OAuth2

For 2.2 we are going to enhance our authorization support. We will include more OAuth2 providers, better KeyCloak support, better Android account integration, and support for custom authentication and authorization through intents in addition to our current WebView approach. Again, you can follow our Jira.


We hope that you will take some time to look at AeroGear, provide feedback, and build awesome apps. As always you can reach us via: