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This document covers the requirements, use-cases and planned API’s for the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server.

External References

0.8.0 (Released 16/Aug/13)

  • Initial community release and OpenShift Cartridge

0.8.1 (Released 17/Oct/13)

  • RESTful Sender API: remove of broadcast endpoint

  • Client Updates

  • Bean Validation support

  • WildFly support

0.9.0 (Released 02/Dec/13)

  • Server API change (multiple categories)

  • Mysql CLI support

  • Client updates

  • Admin UI improvements and fixes

  • Refactorings (server and client)

Details: JIRA: Push 0.9.0

0.10.0 (Released 19/Feb/14)

  • iOS7 silent/background message support

  • GCM support for Chrome browser

  • Admin UI updates and tweaks

  • Postgresql support

0.10.1 (Released 19/Mar/14)

  • Compose Push Message UI

  • Generated Registration Code Snippets

  • Improved APNs failure handling

  • Push Cartridge Update

0.10.2 (Released 27/Mar/14)

  • Consistent JNDI database names

  • Push Cartridge Update

0.10.3 (Released 16/May/14)

  • GCM error-handling

  • Push Cartridge Update

0.10.4 (Released 05/Jun/14)

  • Java-APNs update

  • APNs max-date fix

  • GCM pagination

  • Push Cartridge Update

0.11.0 (Released 07/Jul/14)

Note: OpenShift update will be in the next release

1.0.0-Beta1 (Released 29/Jul/14)

  • OpenShift Online Cartridge Update

  • Hello World Examples, Version 1.0.0-Beta1

  • CRUD Quickstarts, Version 1.0.0-Beta1

  • critical fixes and stabilization

1.0.0-Beta2 (Released 15/Aug/14)

  • WildFly 8.x

  • Documentation and UnifiedPush Guide

  • Hello World Examples, Version 1.0.0-Beta2

  • CRUD Quickstarts, Version 1.0.0-Beta2

  • critical fixes and stabilization

  • consumption of Keycloak-beta4

1.0.0-Final (Released 27/Aug/14)

  • Final Release

  • Client Push SDKs

    • Android Push client-sdk 1.0.0

    • Cordova Push client-sdk 1.0.0

    • iOS Push client-sdk 1.0.0

  • Hello World Examples, Version 1.0.0-Final

  • CRUD Quickstarts, Version 1.0.0-Final

  • critical fixes and stabilization

Details: JIRA: Push 1.0.0

1.0.1 (mid/late September 2014)

  • consumption of latest Keycloak release

  • critical fixes and stabilization, as needed

Details: JIRA: Push 1.0.1

1.0.x Release(s)

There might more 1.0.x releases. Their main goal is improvements and fixes for the 1.0.0.Final release!

1.1.x Release(s)

New features, such as:

  • More analytics

  • More mobile network (Windows, Kindle, etc)

  • JavaEE7 updates (focus on WildFly / Undertow, ConcurrencyUtils, etc)

  • Alternative Datastores (like Mongo)

2.x Release(s)

Evaluating new and different runtimes like:

  • Pure Undertow

  • Netty

  • vert.x